Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

The Studio Video Facilities & David Cooperstone offers video production services for your simcha
We can do it ALL for YOU!
Video that captures your treasured memories


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  • visual collage of photos and video of your child
  • dress rehearsal and photo session at the synagogue including all your child's readings on the bima
  • mid week or Sunday or Havdalah service
  • pre and post parties-dinners-luncheons
  • The PARTY
  • Edited versions and Highlight Online
  • large screen projection Visual collage of photos and video of bat or bar child

WHAT WE CAN OFFER YOU…Bar/Bat Mitzvah Video Production Services

  • Visual Collage of photos and video of bat or bar child (*The Slide Show*)
  • A 100 photos ­ music included $500 (running time 10 minutes)additional 25 photos $50
  • 30 second clip or less of video $25
  • Collage presented at Party on large screen with LCD projection $250 (includes delivery-set up-running-tear down of all equipment)Rehearsal and Photo Session or Havdalah Service or Mid week / Sunday Service $750
  • Edited Version and a highlight DVD produced (total time approximately 30 minutes edited) $500Pre and/or Post parties/dinners/luncheons
  • Video tape of entire event
  • Edited with interviews and music added (approximately 30 minutes edited) $400
  • The Party
  • Entire party edited with interviews and music added (approximately 90 minutes edited)
  • Highlights included $1000

BAR & BAT SUGGESTIONScooperstone-&-green-men

Create a visual montage of video and photos of your child. Present it on a large screen or TV at party.Have a *Rehearsal* where your child goes through all his/her readings on the bima. Video tape it along with a photo session with the photographer. Have all the immediate family dress up for photos with your child.Have the Oneg Sabbath ( if not at shul ), Sunday Brunch video taped.Havdallah Service ( end of Sabbath ceremony )

At the party consider the following video tape the event anIMG_4814---Version-2-(1)d…

  • A theme that is reflective of your decorations, center piece and table place cards.
  • Entertainment/activities for the kids..suggestions: large screen video games, tattoos, face painting, photographs, record a CD, charactitures, snow cones, pop corn machine, casino, hula hoop, magician.
  • Either large photo of your child mounted on a board that everyone can sign around or a photo album for guest to write in next to photos of your child..
  • Start evening off with hora ( before dinner )
  • 13 candles lit by special guests starting with grandparents and ending with siblings, parents and your child.
  • Have your child's friends say a few words about your child.
  • Father/daughter or Mother/son dance.
  • Go around thanking everyone for coming while *That's what Friends are For* do at approx. 11 pm before too many people leave.