Video Rentals


This service includes ( per day )

LCD Projector, DVD player, Projection Table, all cables $100
8ft. by 6 ft. tripod screen with skirt $25
Speaker with built in Amplifier $25
Set up, running the show,tear down and removal $200


Other video Equipment Rentals

Per Day Price List

DVD stand alone Recorder $50
Sony VX 2000 camcorder $50
Sony PD170 MINI DV camcorder $50
CANON HD A1 MINI DV camcorder $100
Video HI 8mm camcorder or mini DVD with tripod AC adaptor, battery, all cables $25
Videonics Digital Mixer MXPRO (Analog only) $25
Microphones: wireless, shotgun, lapel, hand $25-$50
Tripod and dolly $25
Monitor: AC 14" $25
Super 8 / Reg. 8 Film projector (variable speed) $25

All rentals come with complete explanation on equipment being rented.