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Don’t let the clarity of your most cherished memories fade with time.Relive all the joy and excitement of your special day, with a wedding video keepsake, produced for you by experienced professionals. We have packages to suit all budgets.Our philosophy at The Studio Video Facilities is one of providing a personalized approach in our wedding video packages, tailoring them specifically to your tastes and preferences. We also offer on this site a checklist on How to choose your Videographer and Referrals for wedding services.Working in a candid, documentary fashion, we try to remain as unobtrusive on the day’s events as possible.We take pride in what we do. This, along with our personalized, caring approach and attention to detail, enable us to capture all the spirit and excitement of your very special day.

Please Consider the Following

  • A moving audio-visual record of this special day.
  • The opportunity to look back years from now and see “the way it was”.
  • Being able to share this joyful day again and again with others who weren’t there when the event occurred, (eg. children).
  • Experienced professionals working for you, with you, on a personal document that you can cherish for years to come.
  • Having your wedding video taped professionally.

At The Studio we have three distinct Wedding Packages to suit your needs

. Our services range from a “complete” full coverage to something as simple and direct as covering just the Ceremony.

Wedding Video Packages


Full Day Coverage
2 Cameras plus Editing

Complete coverage of the entire day’s events by a professional two person crew, with two cameras, fully edited with titles, music, graphics, special effects and credits.
  • Videotaping Rehearsal
  • Invitation
  • Photo Montage “The Early Years” (Bride and Groom growing up and together)
  • The Photo Montage is presented at the reception on a large screen via a LCD projector.
    • Bride’s House and Preparations.
    • Groom’s House Preparation
    • Establishing Shots and details of Ceremony Location.
    • Guests Arrival for Ceremony
    • Entire Ceremony
    • After Ceremony Gatherings and Luncheon
    • Photo Session
    • Arrival of Guests and Bridal Couple to Reception
    • Entire reception including; Ambiance of Hall, Table Shots of Guests, Receiving Line, Introductions, Out of Town Guests, Toasts and Speeches, Cake Cutting, First 3 dances, Last dance, Selective dances, Interviews with guests, Garter and Bouquet toss, Departure
    You receive -
  • Choice of you own music
  • Placement on the Internet

  • Total Cost for this Package . . . .$3,000.00
    Full Day Coverage

    2 Cameras plus Editing

    Similar to Platinum minus the Photo Montage and Large Screen Projection

    Total cost of this Package. . . . . .$2,500.00

    Full Day Coverage

    One Camera

    This is the same coverage as Platinum Package, except with only one camera, with Groom’s Preparation and Photo Montage excluded.

    Total cost of this Package. . . . . .$2,000.00


    Full Day Coverage

    One Camera

    Unedited . . . .$ 1000.00

    Edited versions include original tapes Reception till 3rd dance minus $100
    25 photos added to photo montage $50
    Additional Services

    Large Screen Presentation of Romantic Interlude and/or Photo Montage $500

    Romantic Interlude (Engagement Video) $500

    Internet placement of video at no charge